Welcome Spring

I wanted to share Jim’s beautiful poem that we framed and gave to Joanne on Sunday, as we honored her sacred service. Our garden and those who serve there bless us all as well as people we do not know who come to be in the beauty and connect with nature. Thanks to Jim for his inspired words.

A Garden Blessing by Jim Lakin

Bless all who enter here
Be it known and ever clear
Loving hands have tended here
All you see, sometimes in prayer

Leave your troubles, and take a breath
Draw your strength from life’s greatest depth

Take new strength as you walk and be
Draw inspiration, take time and see
Many paths will wind and bring you back
Revive your spirit in this garden bath

Sit for awhile, rest and revive, appreciate all Life
Give thanks and thrive

Peace be with you and thanks to you
May joy be yours in all you do


We are blessed beyond measure by our gardens, our buildings and the love that shows up as our members and friends.

Much love,
Rev. Patty

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