What Is An Installation Service?

I have been asked recently about what will happen on April 21st. Here’s the scoop! Last June, I was officially named as the Sr. Minister at Unity of Bon Air! When a church calls a Minister to serve, there is an installation service which acknowledges and celebrates that the ordained minister and the community are forming a partnership, to serve the mission and vision of the church.

Resurrection - An Everyday Possibility

When we awaken to the miracle of love as the truth of our being, amazing things happen. We move past the physical appearance into the invisible possibilities. Tuning into love can take us from the parts of ourselves that just laid down and gave up or died, to living open-hearted and ready to get up to rock and roll with love.

Pondering Holy Week

Those who love Jesus the Christ as our way-shower celebrate the last days of his earthly life and remember how he lived, centered in the Christ consciousness. I love many scenes from this week. I love how he gave them a new ritual at Passover to remember the consciousness and life that he demonstrated every day with them.

Welcome Spring

I wanted to share Jim’s beautiful poem that we framed and gave to Joanne on Sunday, as we honored her sacred service. Our garden and those who serve there bless us all as well as people we do not know who come to be in the beauty and connect with nature. Thanks to Jim for his inspired words.

Celebrating Newness and Change

As we head into Spring, we are celebrating our new members that joined on Sunday. I love when we sing “I Behold the Christ in You” and we see their faces shining with light. Welcome Karen and Scott Mainwaring, Suzanne Vogel, Robert Florence, Kim Schurman, Carol Harris, Joyce Lewis, Cindy Sinanian and Nancy Mitchell. We are glad to have you join our circle of love. Please check out their bios, located in the hallway at the church.

Gems from Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett & Charles Fillmore

Rev. Linda repeatedly encouraged us to think of God as principle instead of as a person. This prepares us to claim our divine identity and break the old embedded theology that we need a Savior. Charles Fillmore teaches this same idea. “God is not like a man; God is omnipresent Spirit, accessible just like electricity, just like sunshine, just like air, to your mind, your thought. By principle is meant definite, exact and unchangeable rules of action.”

Celebrating February 29th

Thinking about an extra day got me thinking about the concept of time. Some enlightened ones would say let go of the past, the future is not real, but Ah, the present moment - that is the thing. In this moment we can love, forgive, we can choose a new thought, we can get lost in the beauty of a sunset or a flower. We can know the Kingdom of heaven is within.

Loving Yourself

I have not mentioned self-love during this month of love and it is oh so important. When our tanks are empty, it is difficult to stay out of exhaustion and ego and in the Christ mind. We must create our own boundaries for our care. No one else is doing this for us. It is our responsibility. I get this lesson repeatedly. I am a slow learner, apparently.

Love Always Wins

As we celebrate Teddy Bear Sunday, we continue celebrating the power of love. We will have 2 parts that include celebrating Black History Month. One is a surprise and Yemajah will be sharing an original poem for the other piece. To finish the celebration we will gather around the imaginary picnic tables inside New-Rock Hall and behold the Christ in one another. Much to enjoy.

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